Fray Ardens Is


Was an alchemist’s Sunday afternoon daydream.


Is frayed nerves and ardent mornings,

It is the ashes after something beautiful has burned, and the aftermath of a thunderstorm, and it is neither of these things.

It is how, in the desert, your nose is the first to know it’s about to rain.

It is the owls who live on top of the defunct church the scents were conceived in.

It is the West Texas evenings when the light goes soft.

It is the West Texas evenings when the light goes frightening.

It is a burning off and a fusing together.



Fray is

Somewhere between small-batch and high-end, is this handmade, carefully considered, cartoonish and archetypally-inspired hi-desert niche perfume line. Playing off le french concept that every human should have (9) scents; we’ve derived (7) that are differentiated—some are polarizing and might just become your signature, others are universal and can carry from winter to summer, midmorning to deep into the evening. Our nose brings her background in architecture/design, film and depth psychology into the art-science of fragrance design. Take a whiff.