Cactus Prick / So Below

Cactus Prick / So Below

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Cactus Prick Eau Du Parfum and its roll-on is the old oil $ shadow-side-alter to its grassy, hi-noted nu-monied brother Nouveau Ranch. Cactus Prick is Non-nuanced smoke, ember, lapsang suchong esque, uber-masc.

Inspired by W Texas flora, fauna, the protective aspects of cacti and their friends; and some concepts re: faux cowboys. Cinged hair, fine regrets, late summers and early winters.

 The 50ml eau du parfum (suspended in denatured alcohol) features a walnut top designed by Marfa artist Camp Bosworth. Also available in 10ml rollerball (suspended in fractionated coconut oil) or 2ml mini spray sample (of the eau). 

Ingredients: 50mL + 2mL : alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), essential oils and absolutes

10mL roller: cocos nucifera (fractionated coconut) oil, parfum (fragrance), essential oils and absolutes

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